Main Services

Offering the best security options for your home or business in the St. Clair County/Greater Birmingham area.
Better security starts with Wireless Technology. Doesn't matter is the power is cut or intruder tries to destroy the panel, your signal is still sent to authorities.
Protect your business with motion detection and security cameras. Video monitoring can be used to watch property and older children home alone.
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Overview of Our Main Business

Reliance Technologies provides you with local service and the peace of mind knowing you can protect your loved ones and property through our security systems.

We even offer systems for you to be able to control your home through a smartphone or computer if you are on the go. You have control and no need to worry about power outages.
  • Set the hours for TV/Internet access to be turned off.
  • Unlock doors for your cleaning service or the exterminator.
  • Wireless technology means no phone lines can be cut to interupt service.
  • Battery backup for if the power is cut or goes off from natural causes.

Providing Leading Business Services

We offer a wide range of plans and options for your home or business. All packages are built according to your specific situation. However all plackages include the following items:

  • 1 2Gig Panel
  • 3 Thin Door/Window Contacts
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Keyfob

Our Interactive Services, powered by enable you to manage all of your systems—security, energy, and home automation—from your smartphone, computer, or web-enabled device (like an iPad).